About The School

6 years ago

About Us

For over 50 years Buchanan County Career Technology & Higher Learning Center has served the Buchanan County school system and its children.  BCCTHLC gives students a head start on life by training them today for a career tomorrow.

Our students come from all schools in Buchanan County including Council, Grundy, Hurley and Twin Valley High Schools.  Adults also attend our school in specialty programs.

Depending on your needs BCCTHLC can assist you to find a new direction in your life.

Why attend BCTCC?

Why not?  Our programs are affordable and are local.  No need for long drives outside of the county, saving you gas and time.  And if you are a high school student you may be eligible to attend without paying standard tuition.

A newer feature some of our programs carry is college credit that is transferable to other higher level educational facilities (dependent upon program and other materials needed).